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These are the services we have to offer. Please note the XBox and Play station service are not available yet. Once that bench is up and running, we will let you know.  We also offer small parts reproductions of play field plastic parts. If you have a broken play field part check our store out or drop us a line chances, are we may be able to recreate it for you.
Due to rising gas prices all on site visits will have a 50.00 trip fee added to the bill. Sorry for the inconvenence.


 All repairs come with a 30 warranty from date of repairs. Warranties only covers cost of labor not parts. We have no control over of the quality of the manufactured parts. Also, Warranties will not apply if equipment is not properly taken care of. i.e. switched off and on by unplugging instead of by the switch. Or not protected by a surge suppresser. Brown out and spikes in the Electrical lines are damaging to the electronics. Help us, to help you, to take care of your investment. 


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Our Mission

To provide Quality repairs and restorations at affordable prices on solid state pin balls and classic arcades. To help keep your investments lasting longer. To provide custom recreations of hard-to-find molded plastic parts. To aid our customers in selling of their equipment. Finally, to offer a great Warranty for your treasures. Please ask us How we can help you sell your treasures once you're ready to part with them. WE buy pinballs working or not. But no home versions or EM's please.


Q: do you offer pickup and delivery service?

A: At present time we do not have the means or the extra manpower to do so.


Q: do you offer refunds?

A: We are not a refund business. How ever we do include a Warranty in all our repairs. if you have any issues with our work  we will do everything we can to help correct the problem. Please do not work on the equipment yourself because this will void the warranty.

Q: Do you offer training?

A: Yes, Soon we will be offering basic classes in Electronics, Pin ball Reepair and Arcade Repair.

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